orior 3 day 2

Nexus Maximus Orior 3 day 2

Today we continued with some interesting workshops. During the strategic thinking, decision making, and problem-solving we learned about parallel thinking and how to think as a group. From there we worked on our conceptual model to identify our key partners, strategies, activities, and resources. We decided to focus on a mobile solution to food insecurity and food deserts in lower North Philadelphia. The approach will use education, cooking, and access to affordable whole foods. We created a business model for our mobile solution and this included many aspects, such as the problem, statistics, the solution, key partners, key activities, cost structure, revenue streams, future plans, etc. We decided to break it down this way to better understand each aspect of what it means to start a business or even a non-profit agency, such as this. We also discussed the risks of starting such a business and ways we could counteract these problems to the betterment of the community at large. We also decided that social determinants play a major role in why we wanted to create this mobile kitchen and food truck for this community of Lower North Philadelphia. We learned that social determinants can determine or predict health problems you may have to depend on your lack of certain resources. We spent quite a lot of time refining our business plan, as well as creating the outline of what will go on our poster and how we will present it to those who are interested.