Novo 8 Day 3

Today we had our group go to two different workshops that would help our presentation.   The first workshop we went to was telling us how to make an effective pitch in our presentation.  The second workshop we went to was telling us how to compose a poster.  We met up and collaborated on key points that need to be addressed in our presentation.  We also came up with more concrete items that would go into the “a bag for a bag” program.  For example: we are putting socks, alcohol wipes, bandaids, granola bars, and water bubbles into these bags for a basic survival kit.  We also came up with personas to help us identify the target in which we are producing the “a bag for a bag” program. Today we finalized our brief for our presentation and came up with possible Donors/Contributors to help us  execute our solution.  We are now in the process of making our graphic poster on the computer.  We divided the tasks so that we could get the poster finished by tonight and be able to print it by tomorrow morning before the presentations start.  We broke the tasks down into whose finding pictures/icons, whose putting the graphic poster together, and whose coming up with the text in the presentation.  We think we are on the right track for our project.  We are confident that our presentation tomorrow will be splendid. We are hoping to get the feedback we need to achieve this by tonight from the faculty who is reviewing our presentation.