Novo 7: Day 2

Today was a productive day for my group. We got closer to finalizing our idea and came to an agreement on one idea. The day started with some of the members going to the seminars that were provided for the time being. After that we met up with each other and discussed our final idea. We haven’t fully came up with a final consensus due to the advice provided to us during our meeting but we’ll get there tomorrow when we all meet up. We continued to pass ideas through one another to improve our project and we believe that we’ve come up with something. More discussion will go into it tomorrow when we’re in our final stages. We’re unable to go into our community and observe the surroundings unfortunately. Tomorrow we plan on working our poster and putting the final touches on our project.

For our project we’ve decided to change our people of interest to adults as there’s more adults living in our chosen community and less teens or kids. We that our project will have a great impact on everyone in the community despite it kind of being a broad idea. We’re working out the kinks in the idea to make it more specific and more innovative in a way. We have an idea in mind to make it innovative and more creative that we’ll discuss when we meet with each other tomorrow. We believe that we’re getting closer to something that could be really impactful and helpful to the community.