Ductus 6- Day 3

Today was a relatively busy day. After breakfast we sat down and went over the notes from our faculty liaisons from yesterday. They said we had done very well but we needed to research more into the funding for our idea. So we all looked into where the funding for the parks and recreational centers was coming from. We found that it was related to the soda tax they started in Philadelphia. We sent a member to the “Elevator Pitch” workshop and started to model our minute pitch based on what we learned that day. After that workshop we sent a different member to the “Poster Building” workshop. When that was over we began a rough sketch of what we wanted our poster to look like on paper. Then we took to the computer and started doing the actual design. We found a template on the PowerPoint app and decided to use that instead of our original vision because none of us are very tech savvy or creative. We input all the information we needed then printed out poster. Once we had the poster printed we put it in someones office for safe keeping until tomorrow’s presentation. Then we met and talked about what information needed to be relayed in the pitch that may not necessarily be highlighted on the poster. Finally we came up with a general overview of what we wanted to say in our pitch, a script of sorts, to use when we present. That way everyone can put their own style to it when asked to do the pitch.