Day two – Orior group 6

Today our group members attended workshops on health assessments, strategic thinking, genetic diseases caused by genome mutations and our environment and more. At the health assessment workshop, we got to understand the Dr. Iton’s concepts when it comes to public health. He states “When it comes to health, your zip code matters more than your genetic code.” The presentation expands on how socioeconomic factors like, poverty, housing, and education within your enviornment. Can ultimately shape your health and lifestyle choices. This really got our minds going on how we can try to apply what we gathered from that workshop to our purpose. After yesterday’s research we came to the conclusion that we definitely want to prevent opioid use, especially within groups of young people. Our group proposes tackling the opioid epidemic in West Kensington by emphasizing the importance of mental health and family structure on the community. We are targeting citizens ages 15-25 and intend to use school-orchestrated family therapy, group therapy, guest speakers and private counseling to help the youth develop a strong foundation. We believe that this can eventually relieve the community of mental and economic stress. Counseling early on could decrease insurance costs for families later and help the community develop beneficial life tools opposed to turning to darker paths like recreational drugs and violence. Our group really started to get closer, as we started to narrow in to our mission. We feel very confident in what tomorrow will bring as we start piecing our project together. We are really happy to have been able to have fun while also problem solving.