Day 3

It is Day Three, time is flying by and the pressure is on.

Our deadline is fast approaching and it is time now to turn our focus to the delivery of our final outcome..

Ensuring that we all as one team, agree on how our presentation will not only look visually, but how it reads and sells our idea was our main focus of the day. Our structure of delivery was important for this final day of working together. Therefore, separating out from the group and each of us attending different workshops would help gather the last minute ideas and inspire us individually to create what was needed for our project. We attended workshops to help with our presentation and to develop our distinctive pitch (“Lighting my fire: Crafting the effective elevator pitch” & “How to compose your poster”). These workshops give our group that extra push towards reaching our end product.

As the day went flying by.. our project was finally coming to an end. However, we found ourselves stumbling on the design aspects. Time was ticking by so we thought about gathering a second opinion. So talking with Pamela Topping (an advisor from Ulster University), we achieved a fresh vision with a new perspective on our designs. We simplified things which eliminated the problems that held our project up from completing. POSITIVE OUTCOME !

Quick crit review of our project and to the printers we go !

We can’t wait to see everyones hard work displayed tomorrow morning.