Day 2 Creo 7

Today our team was tasked with narrowing the scope of our ideas and creative visions. We specifically worked to define community health and its application to our zip codes. Through empathy mapping, improvement opportunities in our community were discovered including issues of noise and air pollution, traffic congestion, and pedestrian and cyclist safety. In particular, it was realized that these issues are correlated with high rates of stress that impact health on an individual basis and lead to maladies including high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

Additionally, root cause analysis provided insight into defining the utmost problem in our community. How does transportation correlate with a community’s health? What causes stress related to transportation? What data defines these situations? And how can we connect the problem to a viable solution to improve lives? Armed with knowledge from numerous data sets, the team performed successful innovation games and ideation sessions.

After selecting defined problems, the next step involved finding and learning from case studies of existing services and projects. Exhaustive efforts were made to find the most effective solution using objective data including urban planning. Extracting a constructive solution proved difficult given the complexity of Center City. The original design of this urban area was planned in 1682 by William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. While such a historical foundation provides the city with a sense of pride, it has also plagued city planning, safety, and health measures for generations.

However, once the data for our vision was discovered, we approached the problem with an ambitious and innovative solution. After making the solution much more detailed, we considered the feasibility of what we want to do with our designated problems. In other words, we considered the business aspects of our proposal: key partners, sources of capital, estimated timelines, and connection to futuristic utilization.

With tomorrow being the final work day, we are focusing on the preparation of our poster and presentation material. We are so excited about completing this project and have enjoyed solving the puzzle of improving our section of Philadelphia. We look forward to putting the final touches on our project tomorrow. Hopefully our solution will be beneficial to the community and the city as a whole!