Day 2- Creo 2

Today group members were able to attend the Community Health Needs Assessment lecture and the Developing the Design Brief lecture. Afterwards we were able to meet as a team. After receiving feedback from the panel on Friday, we thought it was best to go in a different direction with our project from what we originally planned. We decided to focus on the lifestyle that the majority of the population in Center City have adapted. Most of the population consists of white collar professionals, single, and living alone. We determined social isolation, depression, and anxiety were possible risk factors to this population, as well as high levels of stress associated with jobs that could contribute to health risks such as hypertension and other heath complications. We also noted that jobs that required sitting in front of a screen for a long period of time could contribute to hypertension as well, and possibly obesity.

After studying the area, we noted that there were plenty of recreational areas accessible in the community, but wondered how we could increase their use. The idea we came up with was to create an app that would allow users check availability and reserve recreational areas, such as basketball courts, but also send invitations to other users to join their game/team and possibly check out what types of activities other users are involved in around nearby recreational areas. The idea is to increase social participation among community members through exercise as a way to combat the health concerns mentioned above.