Creo 1 day 3

Today, our group focused on putting the final touches on the project, “Fresh Express.” After attending a feedback session last night, we decided to incorporate the feedback that was provided to us by the panel. They suggested that we focus on details, research, and statistics. We were also instructed to consider existing storage units for the food that will be distributed.

Tasks that still needed to be completed included finishing research to find statistics related to Philadelphia communities and food insecurity, learning skills associated with creating a poster, and creating the actual poster.

One of the first steps we took was to attend workshops that were being provided on campus. The first workshop was about creating an elevator pitch. The second workshop we attended was related to how to create a poster to present our project. At this workshop, we learned steps that we need to take to compose a poster, and how to structure it in a way that effectively communicates the facts, statistics, and ideas regarding our project.

From there, we met together as a group to begin finalizing our poster. Utilizing a white board to work on our ideas as a team, we created a rough outline of some details to be included on our poster: pictures, stats, funding sources, food sources, maps, and our logo. Considering these details and our overall goals with our project, we created a mission statement to express the intent of our project. From here, we plan to continue making final touches to our project and prepare for tomorrow.