Team 7 Day 1 Summary

During the workshop, we learned about useful resource searching website such as  ‘Policymap.’ By using this website, we could get some local information in terms of demography, health, and education, etc. We also learned about challenges that older people suffer in the community and how universal designs act to deal with these problems by emphasizing the importance of independence of individuals’ lives.

Before we started off the discussion about problems, we drove to Lower North Philadelphia to physically experience the local community. There, we could see the depressing atmosphere of the town with old buildings and vacant houses. Visiting these places where we are going to research on was meaningful to us to visualize our plans in imagination.

Our initial plan was related to building free-clinic for the region. The clinic would deal with health matters including preventing diseases by vaccines or educations, and providing medical care for suffering patients in low cost. Hiring volunteers for work, and running the clinic with donations, and charging small amounts of money to the users were some initial thoughts and ideas so as to generate the revenue for the clinic to keep it running and sustain the services.

After looking around the town, our members came up with the ideas about general wellness of residents. Since, it seems urgent to satisfy their basic needs regarding food, exercise, and living place, free-clinic could not be the best solution for it. Meeting with faculty members, it encouraged us to be more specific with problems that we would be able to focus on properly. The suggested way to go through our process was to make several layers of our ideas on local problems, and try to narrow down in one selected opinion and be concise as well as more specific instead of a broad topic/ideas.