Orior group 6 – first day

At today’s session we met in our legions and teams to develop ideas on how we can improve the health of the Lower area of Northern Philadelphia. Meeting our teammates was very exciting, considering one of them was from the other side of the world. We each attended workshops and took notes on different subjects that can help us begin our projects, ranging from marketing strategies to understanding the biology of allergies and how your environment can affect them. As well, we were shown how we can innovate ideas based on what the area needs, using some of the innovation games strategies. Understanding the key elements from each workshop was fundamental in being able piece together a specific problem that can be tackled.  After researching our area and brainstorming we decided three dilemmas we were all interested in solving were health issues, environmental issues and the opioid epidemic. For the health issues, we tried to focus on nutrition and the health related disparities between lower and higher income areas of Lower Northern Philadelphia. Climate change is a plausible topic when discussing an environmental issue. City wide pollution is a partial cause for the problem. To deter the issue in housing, we tried to propose the idea of white roofing opposed to the normal black roofing to prevent overheating in households. Concerning the opioid epidemic, we want to tackle the crisis by finding the demographic most affected by the drug and create counter measures to prevent the ongoing issue. Our group began facing the problem of not being able focus in on a specific issue. Thankfully our mentors were able to help with that.