Orior 5 Day 2 | Nexus Maximus Day 2: Electric Boogaloo









The day started stressfully: a stunning 60% of the group was late, our ideas at last night’s proposal were torn apart and we hadn’t had any breakfast yet. But, as many a hopeful student has said, “diamonds are made under pressure.” Settling on the second floor of the DEC, we undertook the creation of a great mural that was to be our whiteboard. The first step our group took was to redefine our approach to the vast scale of hardships that Lower North Philadelphia was facing. We had previously focused on economics, opting for a solution that involved bolstering local businesses and the opportunities that allowed them to be founded. Now, our solution was going to be based on unifying the community and creating a safer environment for its locals.

We managed to combine safe needle disposal, community job searching, emergency services and increased local employment into one Philadelphia townhouse styled, booth shaped package. Next came the naming process. I alone was a strong proponent for an acronym based name, J.A.W.N. What better way was there to connect to the community than a name that every pureblood Philadelphian could connect to. Alas, I was ousted. Safety Booth is apparently what we’re going for. Having a concrete foundation for our invention allowed our talented interior designer to create some professional level sketches of a finished product. Our final presentation went extremely well because, I hope, of the content and meaning of our product, but I’m not one to completely deny the possibility that our sketches carried us to favor with the judges.