Novo Team 6 Day 2

The day began with workshops from 10-12pm. While we delegated which group members would attend the various workshops, the rest of the group took additional time to form our group and learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order create a stronger bond to encourage group cohesion. More research was done on the demographics of the community in order to fine tune how we are going to help this community as well as figuring out what the community actually wants/needs. The group then brainstormed various problems that face the community and took the time to reflect on if the community actually views the problem as such. After finding testimonies online from the people in the community about how there is a drug problem, we agreed  upon this idea of a mobile safe house. The group did some research on where the current rehabilitation centers were in the area and how a mobile safe house will benefit the community. Other topics we discussed included what the mobile safe house will provide, what types of funding are available, who could volunteer, and what supplies would be needed. When it was time, the group went to pitch this to the panel of faculty members. The meeting was successful and we received generally positive feedback on our proposed solution. Moving forward, the group will need to continue brainstorming potential risks and challenges to the solution.


Sharing the Information Learned from the Workshops

Group Picture

Visual Mapping