Novo 8 Day Two

Today as a team, we collaboratively came to the conclusion to focus on in order to start the riving of our given zip codes in Philadelphia. The area we are focusing in on is Kensington. As we figured out yesterday, Kensington suffers from drug addiction, food insecurity, non affordable housing, crime, etc. After research, statistics, and interviews, we came to our final question, How do we improve food insecurity in a sustainable way?

Sustainability is a huge factor in this area because majority of the population is struggling to keep or a home or find a stable one that isn’t in the streets or under a bridge. With this being said, the trash amongst the environment is taking over their home essentially.

In order for people to make a difference an incentive will always be a positive drive for the greater outcome. We came up with the idea of bringing the people of Kensington collecting their own trash and in return being supplied with essentials, like food. These will all have to be funded from charities or drives at churches, grocery stores, or libraries. Doing this will provides a better community for the people who live there and starts up a cycle for better behavior and opens an opportunity to more useful resources.

For tomorrow, we decided to out all of our pieces together and come up with a display that best projects our idea to the public. We hope our idea is very beneficial to our environment and the people of our designated zip codes.