novo 7 day 1

Among give zip codes which are 19123, 19125, 19150, we found that Kensington and east Kensington is included and decided to focus on that region. Throughout the discussion, a lot of solutions were suggested, and the team members agreed that to solve problems, changes need to be started form the youths in the region. Unfortunately we thought that to change adults it take a lot of time and resources. In addition, it will be more though to apply changes in ones life when he or she is grown up and formed ego. Our persona has not been defined yet but it will be from 1st to 12th grade.

Basic idea of team’s solution is that when young people are guided to grow up in a “proper” way they can help to build up a healthy community. Unfortunately youths in these areas get bad influences from all around them. So we came up with the solutions which can help keep them off the streets. Such as, safe after school program where children learn and develop skills and get help to increase the socioeconomic status and decrease the gap via furthering their education. Also, to it will be important to keep the streets clean to  prevent bad influences to youths. Build homeless shelter, rehabilitation center, mobile health center and other welfare systems could make it happen. For next we also think that youths need to keep motivated. For this, we haven’t come up with the solution, but we will work on this in Saturday meeting.