Novo 5: Day 1

Day 1 began with getting to know each other in our groups. We discussed where we were from and what we were studying. We also created a group chat, so we could stay in contact through the duration of Nexus. We went to various workshops like Trauma Counselling, Food Insecurity, Consumer Centricity, and Trauma Informed Community Development. Some interesting take-aways from the day include: there are different types of trauma that can affect individuals (cultural, historical, and intergenerational); Philadelphia has the highest rate of poverty and deep poverty among the larger cities in the United States; rather than trying to tackle the bigger picture like poverty in general or the opioid crisis, we should focus on making smaller improvements related to those bigger issues; individuals experiencing chronic trauma have a shorter lifespan of about 20 years; and the importance of marketing a change that individuals’ in a community actually want to see. We decided to focus in on zip code 19125, mainly in the Kensington area. Our initial plan is to create a sort of community structure that aims for prevention of opioid use, possibly focusing in on teenagers as our target population. Our next steps include looking further into what has been tried for improving the opioid crisis, and what various organizations are currently working in Kensington for this purpose. We are going to use this information, along with the information gathered from the workshops and our own courses and personal experience, to further develop a new idea that works towards reducing opioid use in the Kensington area.