Novo 2: Kicking Off Day One 2018

Novo 2 divided and concerned Day 1 Nexus Maximus 2018. As the day began with workshops to meld our multi disciplinary team, we leaned about one another, our strengths, our challenges, and the paths that brought to Nexus Maximus. We would then split up to absorb the spectrum of information shared throughout the days lectures. As Lectures concluded we began to turn our focus to our brief and our future proposal.

This year we would be looking at the Kensington, Olde Richmond, Fish town, Northern liberties, and Fairmount areas. What our brief describes as transitional neighborhoods. This Neighborhoods are growing and changing. We would learn much of these neighborhoods had or have widespread social challenges. We decided to focus on the struggling yet rapidly changing neighborhood of Kensington. This area is well known for its unfortunate history for subsistence abuse. Because of this history our team decided to approach social interventions for the betterment of those experiencing substance abuse and by extension the surrounding community.

We asked ourselves, how could we provide a positive systems loops for those experiencing substance abuse in theKensington area. We came up with various potential proposals all centered around the idea of building understanding and empathy among people both struggling with addiction and those who are not and have not struggled with addiction.  Our first proposal centered around the idea of “Village Values” meaning educating members of a community they contributes to a cultural norm. In our example we would educate primary and secondary students about emotional intelligence and care. Here, young students would learn to emotionally take care of themselves and others, build compassion and understanding for vulnerable peers, and those who do slip into addiction are supported by their “village.” Our second proposal looking at the concept of free clinics. How could we provide free health and mental care to clients experiencing addiction. Thinking to push the concept beyond traditional boundaries of conventional free clinics. What if we provided citizens experiencing substance abuse an environment where all their basic human needs are supplemented (housing, food, safety, etc.)  This was born out of thinking of Mazlows hierarchy of needs, this lead us to Manfred Max Neef who places all human needs in an equal matrix and suggests their is no hierarchy. When Are basic needs are not met, destructive behaviors begin to emerge. Lastly, We spoke about providing the most vulnerable citizens with job training of the future.  For example could there be a coding program for specifically for those battling substance abuse.  Could we take this concept a step further and effect laws to allow rehabilitated personas to enter into law enforcement and the criminal justice field at their highest levels?  Could a former, YET, preformed person of substance abuse become a judge? How would that judge see empathy for citizens who he or she was once in the same position.

We have much to continue to think about and expand upon.  All of this and more are at Day 1 Nexus Maximus 2018.


From the Novo 2 team.