Novo 2 Day 2 2018

Today, our group kicked off the eventful day by attending some workshops. We arrived at 10:00am and attended workshops up until 12:00pm. Interestingly, these workshops seemed to take on a new meaning, since we already had in mind our project ideas and goals. We were able to relate what the speakers were saying to the specific problems that we as a group were tackling. For example, the workshop “Customer Inquiry” directly related to our project because it addressed the idea of seeing things from other people’s perspectives. This idea is so integral when it comes to inventing new ideas and solutions to problems because there are always obstacles that we cannot see from the outside looking in. Therefore, the only way to obtain the best solution to a problem is by taking on the perspective of someone who is undergoing that specific problem.

After the workshops, we came back together as a group and began expanding upon our ideas regarding a “village.” First, we identified our audience which is people living in the Kensington area between the age of 15 and 25. We chose this age range because research shows that a large part of this area’s population falls among this age range. Therefore, we felt that it would be most effective to gear our research towards this age group. After deciding upon our target audience, we solidified the main problem that we wanted to tackle– drug addictions.

Further research that we conducted as the day went on led us to the general consensus that one of the main reasons why people fall into drug addictions is because they lack a sense of social belonging and community. In order to solve this problem, we came up with the idea of developing a co-op community in the Kensington area in which people from all backgrounds can participate. This community would exist in a city block-sized building (we have already located a vacant building in the area that could be renovated for this purpose) in which the first level would consist of coffee shops, workshops, fitness opportunities, a museum, other stores etc. The second level would be inhabited by anyone who wanted to join this community. In order to live here, they would be required to pay only $1 a month and be responsible for managing the businesses that are run on the lower floor. Furthermore, the community would create their own code of conduct and, in a way, be self-ruled.

The main goal that we foresee being accomplished from this “village” is the sense of community. Those who may be struggling with addiction would be able to support each other and direct their energy towards positive, healthy, productive activities. Furthermore, we would hope that this would help bridge the gap between all people living in this area and decrease any negative stereotypes associated with those affected by drugs.

Later in the day, we presented our idea to the panel, and they were hopeful about our idea. They suggested that we focus more on the community aspect of our idea rather than the actual “building” part of it. They also suggested that we keep in mind the type of people we are targeting and cater our ideas towards that specific group.

Today was filled with excitement and good ideas and we are excited to see progress being made!