Nexus Maximus Day 1 – Ductus 8

Today, our group met each other and discussed our strengths and weaknesses to figure out how we would efficiently function as a group. We each brought something different to the group such as artistic talent or good public speaking skills that we believe will help us complete this project. We decided that we all had a health major and background so we would focus on a health related issue in South Philadelphia. Everyone attended different lectures and workshops throughout the day to gain new insight and information about the city of Philadelphia. Not only did we learn about the city of Philly, but different health issues all across the world that may be playing a role in the area. These sparked our interest in different topics, to hopefully lead us to a main topic. In the afternoon, the team regrouped and discussed what they had learned throughout the day. It was so interesting to hear from everyone. After researching we agreed that “obesity” was a serious problem in this region of Philadelphia that we wanted to focus on. There is a wide spectrum of ideas and solutions that we can derive from obesity for our final presentation on Monday. We brainstormed a few different ideas and are excited to think of a solution to the problem this weekend.