Ductus 7- Day 1

Today was filled with many new learning opportunities that were both exciting and challenging. Our team came together from backgrounds in occupational therapy, sustainability, design intelligence, and health services. We began researching the region of south Philadelphia and immediately noticed the lack of green spaces. We noted that it was a large industrial area and residential; however there was not much green land. The region is also near a river that often floods; therefore, we were attempting to brainstorm ways to increase green space while maintaining the culture of the area. Additionally, we also want to create green space that can sustain flooding as well as vandalism. From various research, we were able to note the positive effects of green spaces on social participation of all ages, particularly in youth, as well as enhance mental status of individuals. Therefore, we want to try and incorporate green spaces within industrial buildings as well as in the residential communities to help the quality of air and reduce pollution, as well as to increase mood and social participation. Through subjective observations we discussed how many children play in the allies of their homes; however, after speaking to a couple of adults from the city, many children have fond memories and like to play in the allies and it is a part of their culture. So we also talked about incorporating greenery within these spaces to provide positive effects while maintaining the culture of the city.