Ductus 4 – Day 1

Hello everybody! Ductus 4 here consisting of Maddy, Ezana, Aryna, and Brandi coming to you from Thomas Jefferson University and Pace University. Today was the first day of Nexus Maximus V, being hosted by and held at Thomas Jefferson University. We started off the day with a kickoff which was then followed by various workshops throughout the remainder of the day. The workshops were focused on how to successfully research and look for specific Philadelphia-based data, how to work within a team, how to innovate products successfully, the impact of easy and affordable access to health within communities, and accommodating the wise. After breaking up and having each team members attend the workshops throughout the day, we were ready and filled with new and exciting knowledge to start sharing and creating. We had a team meeting at 4 PM in DEC to start bouncing ideas off one another. With the use of a white board, ideas began to flow. We made a t-chart, with issues on one side and possible solutions on the other. As we continued to list issues, we began to refine exactly what we wanted to focus on. We also used a flowchart to refine our ideas, which was extremely helpful. Our team is doing great with time management and organization and we were able to work together to come up with our tentative idea. Our next steps involve working with faculty members to get feedback on our ideas, working on our poster design, and perfecting our pitch. Stay tuned for more!