DAY02 – Creo 5

DAY02 – Creo 5

Today, we elaborated & narrowed down our concept that we proposed on the first day. Sam & Wiebke attended the workshop ‘Strategic thinking, decision making and problem solving in a dynamic environmen’ ”  and Ronak attended the workshop about how to find non-profit organizations within the Philadelphia university. Anthony attended the workshop about Gentrification history in the Philadelphia. Attending each workshops were really helpful in understanding the field that we haven’t approached before. Since we are working on the topic ”Providing an effective signage for homeless people’, we shared our opinions about the designs & verification issues that could be considered when creating the signage. Ronak provided us with brilliant ideas about signage verification issue, and he also proposed a lot of great ideas related to funding issues that we might confront when proceeding our project.

We enjoyed delicious pizzas for our lunch, and after lunch, we all gathered together and had a discussion. We freely shared our opinions, and tried to narrow down to the specific problem that we will be focusing on. To make a prototype, each members tried to make their own sign and propose their ideas. We collected all the signs that we drew and exchanged our ideas, collaborating together to make a better one. Each sign proposals were exhibited, and we checked the parts that we liked most with markers. We then divided into two groups, making a real prototype signage using keynote. All members were so great and they respected ideas from everyone 🙂 Thanks to Samantha, she worked on the logo design development for us. She made us a beautiful logo! Everyone was amazed at her designing skill.

Tomorrow, we will work on finalizing our prototype, also creating our poster for our presentation on Monday 🙂 Everyone did such a good job!

 Pizza time 🙂


 Brainstorming our ideas!

 Looking at each other’s ideas & Sharing opinions 

 Our hard work!