Day 2 – Orior Group 2

Fighting Childhood Obesity – Post 2

Sukhnoor Ghumman, Caroline McCarthy, Omri Faroul, Valerie Leonard, Mica Lai


Day two for team Orior2 was a great day for leaning, narrowing down and cleaning up our idea, and really working as a team to figure out the best way to fight childhood obesity in a feasible way. We had an idea yesterday, and after talking to the advisers and getting into just how complex the issue of childhood obesity is, we decided to pick one aspect of it, and try to integrate all the other parts into that one part. Our program would focus on getting children active, but also incorporate outdoor safety, and healthy food education and access.

We finally came up with a name for our program: CHAMP (Choose, Healthy, Active, Moving, Play). While yesterday we had a general idea of what we wanted to do, today was focused on trying to come up with ways to get children interested in participating, including an aspect of nutrition to it, and seeing how we could eventually expand our idea over a large area.

Teamwork ruled the day today, with everyone coming together to make this idea feasible, researching North Philly and finding data on all the aspects of our project, and brainstorming on making the idea something that could have a positive impact on children and their families.

Our advising meeting tonight went great, it was awesome to hear and get ideas that we had not thought of ourselves which will give us some more to work on tomorrow as we finalize our project and begin making our poster!