Day 1 Creo Team 7

Today our team organized itself, attended workshops, and began researching our assigned zip codes. The location we were assigned, Center City, Philadelphia, is a very unique community. Its residents, unlike the majority of Philadelphia, are more than 70% Caucasian with approximately 20% of them earning more than $150,000 a year. We were challenged to discover the underlying issues in this seemingly healthy and wealthy community. The workshops were enlightening. They provided new ways of looking at problems and showed us how to break down problems to discover a viable solution. Using our strategies and challenges, we delegated and began many inquisitions looking at socioeconomic status, crime, health issues, homelessness, mental health, and environmental issues such air quality. We also looked at education, access to public places, resources, built environment, and green space.

In our research, we started finding inconsistencies with our assumptions about these communities. With this new found insight, we were able to replace the problems that we thought so obviously existed with ones that we found to be of much higher impact to the community as a whole. Through this process we were able to narrow our list down to three very prevalent problems within the community that were supported with data. Through strategic, design-thinking exercises our team diligently worked on effective ideation and organizational thinking. Then, through discussions with the legion leaders we gathered valuable insight regarding the problems that we found. Their views assisted us in making a more informed choice and provided the reinforcement needed to narrow our focus to the most relevant and pressing issue.