Creo 6- Day Two

Day 2 was an amazing day at the Dec Center with our group doing great things like always. Even with us being short staffed because of other requirements from two group members we were still able to get the job done. Our first group member Irene went to the workshop “Developing the Design Brief” and gave us insightful information about how to make a good elevator pitch. Along with this she also excellently visualized the ideas of the group members by designing the layout for our poster board. Another key member in our group was Vanessa who helped us with our name, motto, goal, and research. Will the genius behind the computer spent his time at the workshop “Concrete storytelling” and designing our beautiful and exquisite background for our poster. Whilst doing this he also found resources to a page that was vital to the progression of our project. Lastly, we have Victor who is a phenomenal scribe and main researcher of the group. Even though it was the second day you could still the spark that was in everyone. Today was a great day because while yesterday we were at a creative block we were able to get past that today and really skyrocketed into a plethora of superb ideas. While nexus is supposed to be a way to help a community out; I believe that this is a way to build friendships that may last a lifetime.