Creo 1 Day 2

Today, our team members attended additional workshops to further identify issues in the community of Philadelphia. This allowed us to consider the impact of issues including gentrification, unequal access to health resources and food, low health literacy, memory and cognitive impairments, and behaviors on the Philadelphia community. Potential solutions including innovation were discussed in workshops, as well.

After attending workshops independently, team members reconvened to discuss what was learned at workshops and how these ideas could contribute to the development of our project. We also took time to reflect upon the feedback we were given the day prior from the panel. With this information, we decided to address concerns that the panel had related to funding and food quality. Ideas developed to address concerns related to funding include placing ad space on the food truck holding the food, relying on funding agencies or churches, online public donations, and partnerships with corporations. Additionally, rather than spending money to create a website, students may be asked to volunteer to set up a website. We were also asked to consider guidelines for who will be able to use the supplemental food truck program. We propose that individuals should be on a supplemental nutrition assistance program to receive these services.

Challenges related to our idea that we still need to consider include how it is feasible to fund any maintenance is required for the food truck. Additionally, quality of food is something that we have not yet determined how to address. Overall, we would like to have a quality assurance program, but an exact plan to address food quality to ensure safety of consumers has not yet been determined.