2018 | Orior | Team 4

Day two of Nexus Maximus kicked off at 10AM with more workshops. Prior to the official kick-off of day two at 10AM, our team connected via text to determine a time to meet. We decided that we would attend workshops in the morning and meet at 1PM. The first workshop of the day was about health assessments of communities in Philadelphia. The speakers discussed the great health disparities among populations within the Philadelphia area. It was astonishing to learn about the number of people living in poverty and experiencing food scarcity. The speakers stressed the importance of looking at the multitude of issues affecting communities and to continuously ask questions to arrive at the root of the problem. The second session was about innovative thinking. The speaker had a background in nursing and pursued advanced studies in 3-D design. She integrated her background into forming a company that specializes in helping hospitals determine colors and design that are aesthetically pleasing in an effort to promote health. She also spoke about a concept she had for creating a space for individuals with dementia to go and reminisce in an effort to promote their well-being. The final workshop of the day focused on gentrification in Philadelphia. The speaker talked about the roots of gentrification in Philadelphia and the problems that it has caused within communities we are studying. Following the workshops, our team met to review the panel discussion from yesterday and refine our vision. By coming together as a team, we developed a more finished concept that we were eager to present to the panel.