2018 | Orior IV | Day 1

Today was the first day of the 5th Nexus Maximus at Thomas Jefferson University East Falls. Day one of Nexus Maximus was filled with interactive workshops intended to inspire creativity among the different teams. People traveled from all over the world to participate. Students came from places as far away as South Korea and Finland. The teams were randomized so that each team had diverse members from different backgrounds and disciplines. The disciplines represented by team members were extremely varied and included fields such as graphic design, architecture, and biology. After team assignment, the day commenced with an introduction to the purpose of Nexus Maximus and orientation to our respective legions. It was at this time we met fellow members of our teams. Afterwards, members of the teams divided and attended workshops that addressed various topics related to health and community. Topics ranged from consumer research to complex trauma to biophilia. The workshops reinforced the multi-dimensionality of healthy communities, as well as how various professions can influence the health of communities. The teams regrouped after the workshops to propose ideas for potential projects to address concerns in their assigned zip codes. Many of the first ideas were inspired from the information presented in workshops. After brainstorming and coming up with a few ideas, it was time to discuss ideas with the experts. The experts offered criticism and advice to help guide the team’s thinking. While challenging conversations were had, it was through consulting with a panel that more refined visions emerged. Onward to day two of Nexus Maximus!