Team 3 day 1

Our group consisted of 5 people: 2 occupational therapists, 1 health science, 1 interior design, and 1 finance. With our diverse backgrounds we tried to figure out what our strengths are as well as what our weaknesses are. We came together and found a lot of similarities and learned what qualities an individual had that might actually cancel out another individual’s challenge. Once coming together and figuring out what we each can do for the group we researched the communities we were assigned. We split off and went to various workshops that might inspire more ideas to incorporate in our group discussions. The main workshops we found interesting were the building healthy communities and trauma. Trauma was a very interesting workshop because trauma is a much more board topic than most would think. So for the area we were assigned, which was center city a traumatic event may be work stress. This can cause a lot of trauma that may even impact not only the individual but also their friends or families. We decided to research the community to get a better understanding of what their lifestyle consists of. We found that our community is predominately white and high income. The households in this area is mostly one to two bedroom. The main ways of transportation are walking, subways, and driving their car. As a group we thought that mental health might be a huge issue for this community. These individuals might be overworking and not socializing as more. This may lead to isolation. stress, and more.