Team 1 Day 1 Summary

All team members (including a 6th new member of Orior 1 who joined) convened and completed an asset inventory. We also acquired each others’ contact information and worked together to set down ground rules during the Nexus Maximus event. Through brief introductions, we found that our group had a well-balanced mix of disciplines and majors. We decided that we would regroup at 4 PM to exchange information and discuss initial proposals.

After the initial workshop session, we split up and delegated workshops, with each team member responsible for at least 2 workshops. In practice, Orior 1 attended nearly all workshops for Friday! We have a Google Doc set up to collect and share notes, so that we all have access to the same information.

Our meeting at 4 PM went nearly as planned, with all but 1 member able to attend the following Rapid Read Out. Though discussion and a demographic survey of the Lower North Philadelphia Neighborhood (LN), we decided to focus on the construction of a garden among the empty lots in the area. This garden would be maintained by students of nearby schools, possibly as an elective class or for extra credit. Besides the discipline that tending to the garden would develop, this garden would provide food. Fresh-grown food would supplement the otherwise plain and unbalanced meals that students receive in their school cafeterias.

After the Rapid Read Out, the majority of the group dispersed in preparation for the next day. Some remained to make sure that all aspects of the project, this blog post included, were accounted for.