Orior 3

Nexus Maximus Orior  3 day 1

We formed a group of four students from Thomas Jefferson University and one student from Aalto University, Finland. Later on in the day, we gained a sixth member as well! The group consisted of students from occupational therapy, international business, physician assistant and health sciences majors. We are really excited about the opportunity to tackle real life issues and having people from such diverse backgrounds.  Today, our group members sat in on multiple workshops throughout the day that consisted of political demographics, trauma within communities, sustainability, healthy communities, pollution and allergies on healthy living, and food insecurity. The workshops proved to be very interesting and provided numerous and useful insights on the project topic.

Some highlights from some of our attended workshops included:

  • The impact of traumatic stress on health
  • Introduced to intergenerational trauma and cultural trauma
  • Issues and solutions related to food insecurity
  • Community gardens, orchards and green spaces in Philadelphia
  • The benefits of green spaces on health and stress reduction
  • How to use policy maps to inform our ideas
  • Resident-driven neighborhood plans

Our group members met three times today as well in order to discuss the idea for our upcoming project. We came up with several unique ideas involving a free food truck, health education, community integration through the construction of a public park, and rebuilding vacant community lots for the benefit of the community. Tomorrow we hope to be fine-tuning our idea for the project after getting feedback from our advisors and attending some more workshops.