Ductus Team 6 Day 1 Summary

We started the day with developing the foundation of our group, by identifying each of our strengths and areas of improvement of each member of the group. We each took the VARK questionnaire to determine our styles of learning, to help us determine who would best benefit from the workshops.  We then split for the day to attend as many workshops as we could as a group.  Some of the workshops attended included the “How do you successfully innovate?”, “Aging in place”, “The influence of pollution and allergies on healthy living”, and “Are healthy communities green communities”.  Some of our favorite workshops attended included the “applying evidence based risk communication principles to dissemination of information”, “food insecurity in Philadelphia”, and the Johnson-Johnson workshop on “consumer centricity” factors to consider when developing healthcare solutions for populations”.  After attending our workshops and researching zip codes in the South Philadelphia sector, we are trying to focus on solutions to improve education and access to food in these areas. We have found that there are limited options to healthy food, and in one area code there are 25 fast food restaurants that are all within walking distance of the residential areas. Although we do not have a solidified solution, we are focusing on program development that could promote healthy eating and cooking among residents in this community. Some ideas that have come up include using local farmers markets, cooking classes, and community gardens.