Novo 5: day 3

After a restful night, the team continued to explore the ideas we all had gained from the various workshops we attended over the past two days. We began with going over all the ideas that each one of us collected from each workshop on a shared google document. We continued to explore the two step process. The first step being opening a survival kit to send coordinates with the second step to press another trigger if help was needed immediately. We researched tracking devices that could be used with our product, while simultaneously working on the contents of the kit.

Every idea was considered and debated upon throughout the discussion. Initially we decided to create our own survival kit, however researched revealed that such a kit already existed. Thus, we decided to improve the already existing kit. After hours of contemplation and research, we realized that a one-step process would be a more practical solution.

Time and again, we gained assistance from our advisor. He enabled us to get an outside perspective about our product. Finding answers to his questions helped us streamlined the idea. The best part was that every team member persevered and did not give up on the idea. We even discussed the project over food.

Our final product is the Emergency Tracker, a box consisting of emergency supplies and a tracker. When the box is opened, the tracker gets activated and sends the location of the box to the first responders, who then send necesary help. Finally, the design team started working on the poster for Emergency Tracker.