Novo 3 Day 3

We have reached the final day of working and preparing together as team, and its been our most productive day yet. Right from the start, we were set on our product and how we were going to sell it. We checked in with two advisers throughout the morning to ensure that we were staying on track and maintaining a clear direction. More than ever, it seems that we really connected today and exemplified the characteristics of collaboration. This morning everyone showed up at our agreed time of 10 am. We divided the work amongst one another to finalize our research in terms of materials, cost, sourcing, and location for our product. Once we had all our research and ideas up on the board, our vision became much clearer and we were better able to bring together a direct proposal. From there on, we divided the tasks based on our skills so that each member made a significant contribution. Half the team focused on our product prototype while the other focus on ensuring that the poster and presentation were both done in time. Looking back at where we were day one and what we accomplished in this short amount of time, we’re proud of how much work we were able to get done. We went from no ideas, to a very messy whiteboard of ideas, to now an actual product. It was a very rewarding moment when our advisor acknowledged that and mentioned to us that we had really come a long way since the beginning of Nexus Maximus.