Ductus 9 Day 3

Today we refined our idea and worked on putting together our poster. By 8pm we were plotting. Throughout this project, we worked well together. Even though some people couldn’t be there all the time because they had other commitments, they always returned to campus promptly to continue working on the project. Meanwhile, others were able to go to the workshops. This worked out well as we were then able to reconvene and work out the details of what we were creating. We were able to divide the work so that everyone was doing what they were best at. The health science major did a lot of the research about what issues refugees were facing and what needs were not being met. The industrial design majors worked out the details of our design and did the renderings of it. The interior design major created the poster.  On the poster, the central element is our device in plan view. It shows the hot plate in the middle, surrounded by four solar panels. Around this, we have text talking about the need for our device. At the bottom of the poster we have renderings of the different ways the device can be configured. You could just use one solar panel, and take it with you as a light. There is a rendering of what the solar panels would look like laying out next to each other to charge. Then it shows four solar panels stacked under the hot plate, and finally, four of these stacks put together to allow for larger quantities of cooking. Overall, we worked well together and were able to finish this project to a degree that we are all proud of.