Creo 1, Final Poster!

Our concept is an app that facilitates immersive language learning by connecting refugees to one another as language learning partners, and to native-speaking tutors  for in-person conversational practice. Over the course of the weekend, our group worked to overcome language barriers of our own to complete this project, which ultimately inspired the whole thing.

Traditional language learning methods emphasize memorization of words and grammar rules, however new science is proving that an immersive approach – practicing in actual conversation – is necessary for mastery of a language. This App aims to bridge the gap between the methods that traditional language learning and actual fluency. In addition to helping refugees learn language skills, the app also helps them connect and build a community, and helps to integrate them with locals as well.

This service could be extremely helpful in countries with large refugee populations having a difficult time becoming assimilated into the local culture. By building a network of refugees and locals we can bridge the divide that occurs when two populations are made to share the same space.

While our goal was to create something that could benefit refugees, we strongly believe this idea has applications anywhere people want to learn a language.