Team Novo 4 Day 3/Collaboration

Novo 4 had a very productive day in creating a final poster product. We started the day off by creating a general layout of what we wanted to have for the poster and figuring out what text and images needed to be included to best exemplify what our goal was in creating our website and how we were able to solve a problem that refugees have. We then figured out the amount of website pages that we wanted to include in the poster. We also finalized the text that we wanted to include on the poster so that we could easily drop it in once we started to compose the final product. We are feeling ready to present our final product tomorrow afternoon at the poster presentation in Gallagher!



Our team has exemplified the characteristics of collaboration throughout the weekend as we move ahead on our project. We have all come into this experience with different skills, and we have used them to divide and complete tasks. The members of our team who are knowledgeable about Photoshop and other computer programs have been using those skills to design our logo, develop the sample pages of our website, and build our poster presentation. Others have put their efforts into researching information that influences our concept, writing up the text for our presentation, finding local organizations that ours would work with, and citing source materials. We have discussed the merits of many different concepts to include in the service we are designing and collectively approved or eliminated each. The same is true of the designs for our webpages and poster.