Orior 9 Sunday End of Day Blog


Today our team is refreshed with a good nights sleep (JK) and is ready to tackle on our creative side.

Sleep is for the WEAK

We all met up in the DEC building and we’re working on different tasks. We of course grabbed food before working on anything because food is life, food is love.

Catalina is having fun and using her knowledge from the Empathy in Design workshop while we brush up on our Spanish skills.

Kelly is organizing her thoughts for the sequence of the story we’re trying to create.

Michael is repping Orior 9 all day everyday. We found our sign in the room we decided to work on our project. What a coincidence!

After Catalina finished writing the empathy map, Kelly and Catalina started to translate it back into English. While Griffin and Michael started working on the poster.

Griffin doing what he does best, Photoshop.


Our team exemplifies the characteristics of collaboration. As you can see, we broke up parts of the poster into what we know best. Catalina went to the empathy in design workshop so she worked on the chart. Michael and Griffin are both Landscape Architecture majors so they worked on the photoshop and logistics of the poster. Kelly started to work on research quotes for the board. Collectively, we all sat down and worked on the caption for each short we are creating to help each others’ ideas flow.

The very first idea was from Kelly, but we all contributed with our thoughts and ideas. For example, Catalina suggested that we make a short for each type of natural disaster which is a good idea, but for time sake wee are not doing it. Catalina’s idea does create a valid point that this short series idea can be applied to more than one situation. Griffin helped come up with the title for our web series. Michael shared his vision of what he thought the web series would look like and we all contributed to how the narrative was going to go.

After Kelly went to lectures on day 2, she had tons of new ideas for what we could work on. Though, we wanted to keep the idea of a video and then added on to one of Kelly’s ideas. She really stressed mental health and that’s what we decided to go on. We all ran through the thought process of who is the audience, what problem are we solving, and how are we solving it.

So far our project is going great. We did all of our parts and now we’re just stringing together our assignments to the poster.

Update: We just got back from our debriefing and we have some changes to our poster. Catalina is giving us some ideas for the poster and we’re calling Griffin to give him updates as well as ask him for the files he used to create the images for the episodes.


It is now 8:37 and we are about to plot. 🙂

*Sidenote*We took a brain break and decided to embrace some culture. Catalina showed us a song called La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Celia Cruz. Here is a youtube link of us dancing. Because you can never stop having fun.