Orior 8 Day 3

So, it’s already Sunday, and the project is looking good. We have been testing and retesting how the board should look. Reviewing the data and how it is shown. We have had amazing feedback meetings, and I’m just so happy that the flow of the group has been really good.

In retrospective, I was really afraid about meeting this new guys from another country. I wasn’t really confident about my spoken english, and didn’t know if I would be able to communicate in an effective way. In the end, I was afraid of nothing.

The group decided to do the first workshop -Team Building: Assets Inventory- together, and it just clicked. I was able to break the ice, and give the rest of the team an idea of who I was. They were really understanding and open minded about our cultural differences -I hope I was that for them as well-, and the fact that we could just laugh about it in a respectful manner was very liberating.

It was in fact, this capacity to talk freely what guided us to our current project. We just commented the different workshops and seminars. Theorizing how would it work and the problems about this and that.

And now that all has been tested and done, I feel like my big part is over, because the other members are actually very busy with the board and presentation. I said this to them, and they were really supporting, saying that it was not true. That I have always been a big part of this assignment. And I’m just realizing how lucky I am for having this group.

Thank you -Nexus Maximus- for this opportunity to discover a whole new group of people which I can really talk to with and connect to.

Christoph Bornhardt