Orior 8 Day 2

Today we furthered our Nexus project by completing extensive research and utilizing the vast resources available to us in order to gain more insight into our topic of interest and specific plan of action. Some members of our team attended lecture-sessions to gain more knowledge on specific topics being discussed today while other members of the team conducted research to further our knowledge and address some unanswered questions regarding our project proposal. Some of the research conducted consisted of information regarding the demographics and maps of where the drones would be located. Drone-mapping was high on the priority list for today and we reached our goal of attaining as much information possible so we could answer some of the questions we had developed regarding demographics. After some of the lectures were completed, our team reconvened to try to tie everything together that we had all learned. Also, we met with our leaders to see what they thought about our project and research thus far and we were able to gain some significant insight from them. Write-ups were completed, to sum up our research findings and feedback before calling an end to a successful day of hard-work and collaboration. Sunday will consist of completing our presentation board, making sure all of our information is in order, and make sure we have applied all of the feedback to our final proposal. We chose to work with the 36” x 48” board size to maximize our charts and information’s impact on the reader.