Orior 1/10: Day 3

Today was go time for our group.  We had a big picture idea centering around “dignity” coming into the day, but still had to refine our product and craft a presentation board.  After two hours of intense deliberation our product was formed: a pop-up, experiential museum that allowed for residents of host countries could experience life in a refugee camp.  Our aim is to provoke empathy through immersive experience.  The museum will have 3 foundation designed tents, each with different sensory experiences.  The “camp” is surrounded by a barbed wire fence representative of the hostility refugees face from residents of their new countries.  We wanted to shift the focus from helping refugees understand new culture to teaching host countries more about their newest neighbors.  Acceptance and empathy are vital to successful relocation, and communities extending support to those that have lost everything creates a strong foundation for new life.

We were an extremely collaborative group.  We had 7 members—the largest group our advisors had seen.  Representatives from each school attending nexus were members as well.  We also have a variety in our majors of study: international business, computer science, economics, industrial design, and interior design.  All these factors allowed for a complete product and model.  We successfully combined personal experiences and professional knowledge to design an immersive and touching experience.  Nexus is collaboration, and each member of our group was able to look beyond their own lives and design a solution from a new perspective.