Orior 1/10 Day 2

Day 2:

Our group began by attending the lectures at 11 and 12.  Various members of used the think +feel and journey mapping to help narrow down our scope and focus.  We also decided to focus on empathy and incorporating emotion into our project.

Today’s successes came after much struggle and deliberation.  We found it hard to narrow our focus on what services exactly our app would perform.  We were between several topics—helping refugees find food and other goods, teaching them cultural norms, helping them with the language, connecting them to residents of the country they were settling in, etc.  We realized after brainstorming throughout the day that we kept circling back to square one.  There was a business model and the skeleton structure of an app, but the specific content was still heavily underdeveloped.

After meeting with our advisors we have decided to go in a new direction.  We centered our new idea around the concept of Dignity.  Dignity is something often lost by refugees.  They are forced to flee their homes with minimal belongings and start life anew.  They are left with little to no supplies to survive on, something evident in refugee camps cobbled together with found materials.  Our aim is to expose people who live in countries that refugees are settling in to the hardships that they face.  We are now designing an experiential refugee camp installation that will stimulate multiple senses.  It would be a temporary instillation that would be set up in public outdoor areas—with little publication—to catch passersby off guard.  We hope that by providing an exhibit that shows sights, sounds, and smells that refugees face every day, settle residents will better understand the hardships they face.