Day two of Nexus Maximus and we continued brainstorming ideas with an ultimate goal to settle on an idea and go for it. We attended workshops, continuing from yesterday’s flow of brainstorming. Developing the design brief was a workshop that focused on how to get specific with a solution. The key was to build a narrative through specific questions in order to find a plan for the solution. The solution is to focus on a specific group and would also need to cater to the larger refugee population. We learned several steps that need to discuss before we create our product. First identifying our users and considering what problem they will face should at the top of our agenda. We also need to keep asking ourselves “What we want to accomplish?” when we develop our ideas. In the Empathy in Design workshop, professor Eric Schneider took us through the airplane experience as an example to express empathy mapping including four different aspects, pain points and gains. Being in the shoes of refugees is a critical step in feeling empathy and thinking the way they do. After workshops, we brainstormed and threw ideas in the air. We discussed our target audience, the problem we want to solve, and potential solutions. We concluded that our aim was to help refugee children ages 6-13 who experience mental health such as PTSD, fear, trauma, and more. We went to the meeting and finalized our idea to help refugee children with their trauma and fear of leaving home and entering America.