NOVO 5 : DAY 1

We began with just attending workshops. We first attended the Team Building: Asset inventory workshop with Dana Scott.

This workshops really helped us identify each others weaknesses and strengths. Thus, helping us to assign tasks. The three of us mentioned that we tend to procastinate and as Patty was the most organised,so she was assigned the task to check in from time to time and make sure everyone was on track. The rest of us decided to spread out and attend any workshop that peaked our interest as that would enable us to gain the most out of it.

Once we attended the workshops all of us had some amazing ideas.

We started throwing all our ideas in and sharing it with the group. We came up with the group we would like to focus on and the product we would like to create.

  1. The group we are focusing on: Helping refugees in areas where there is a recurring natural calamity
  2. One of the main side effects of being displaced is the stress caused due to isolation due to lack of a way to track people under duress.
  3. We are planning to create a first aid kit which triggers an alarm when accessed by a family under duress
  4. The alarm helps the NGO handling the responder to get their location and try and provide help at a local level.

Meeting the professors really helped us realize the things we need to work on

  1. They made us realize that more than a first aid kit people affected might need more basic things and hence we decided to move to survival kit.
  2. Make sure it is cost effective and research more about the what tracker’s technology we would want to use.
  3. Look for testimonies from displaced people and verify if they would want to use this help we are trying to provide.