Novo 2 Day 3

Our team met at 10:30 to start brainstorming the final details of the project and to begin thinking about the final presentation. We started off with breakfast to get our ideas flowing, coffee always helps. We began by fixing the funding aspects of our project. Once we began to come up with solutions to our issue we moved on to other aspects of the project. We focused on the sustainability of it and the different areas for potential growth. We took a break for lunch and regrouped once we all had more food in out system.

After the break we met and refined more smaller details of the project to prepare for our read-out. We sent one of our members to attend the workshop, How to Compose your Presentation. Our teammate returned to us and told us the different strategies and techniques to use/be aware of when laying out our presentation board. The workshop highlighted the importance of using a grid to lay out a more organized design. We also learned that more is less when it comes to the use of words on the poster. The poster should contain key points but most of the information will be spoken about and the poster should add to, not take away from, the presentation.

With this new information we began laying out our information on the poster. When this was finished we went to our read-out. We got helpful feedback and found new areas of our project that needed refining. We began to fix these, finalize the poster to print, and outline our script.

As a team we collaborated very well. Each day we came in ready to work on the project. We would discuss the steps left in the project and each of us would begin to complete one of the remaining steps. The days are long and when one of us needed a break we would go take a walk or socialize for a little bit and then come back refreshed. We all brought different skills to the table and were an asset to this project. Everyone was able to trust each other to work on different parts of the project and then review them together at the end. By doing this we were more time efficient.

We are excited for the presentation tomorrow!