Nexus Day 2

Today we met and worked all day. We started by clearly identifying our problem statement; “Problem: The connection between Refugee and Aid is lost in the current system of Refugee help. The people who want to help don’t trust that their funds are going to the right place. People who have the resources to host families do not have easy access to information. When Refugees are in crisis, safer more stable conditions do not open up fast enough.” From there, we listed a few things that we knew we wanted to bring forward.

  • A system that is financially trustworthy
  • Verifiable
  • Well maintained
  • Closer access between the people working and the victims
  • Lessens the gap between Refugee and Volunteer

Most of the research that we conducted today centered around supporting claims. With a strong research foundation, we could clearly see a definite path to work down.

So we asked ourselves the question, “Society has separated us into countries. Why do citizens feel like there’s nothing they can do for others in other countries?” As well as other questions like, “What if we made an interface and part of this interface was making it SO MUCH easier to know where your donations are going?” We formulated our name as well. “NAH-Atlas: A hybrid of Air BnB and American Red Cross” and a Mission Statement: To strengthen the connection between the needs Refugees and the ability of Volunteers during crisis. We finalized the board and all the visual cues. Next step is formatting the board and preparing what we will say during the presentation.