Ductus 9 Day 2 Summary

We started the day by going to workshops. We learned that, in Philadelphia, refugees must wait 18 months before they can get a job. They feel depressed and isolated because they have nothing to do, are estranged from their family, and don’t speak the local language. At the essentials of human survival workshop, we learned about different short and long term recovery needs. We also learned about the importance of teaching refugees long term skills that they can use after they are relocated. At the workshop about developing a design brief, we learned about the importance of stating the problem we are trying to solve and articulating a clear goal. By developing a program, we can guide and evaluate our progress. At the empathy in design workshop, we learned how to avoid “design imperialism” by knowing our user and their environment. This encouraged us to focus our design on empathy. By using what we learned in these workshops, we were able to focus our ideas and create a goal. After some research, we learned about the disparate conditions that people in refugee camps are using to cook and heat their dwellings. We came up with the goal of: creating a safe and sustainable method for cooking in tent cities. We then developed a solution: a solar powered, hot plate and LED lights. After working through the logistics of how it would work, we came up with an efficient and attractive solution. After meeting with the professors, we determined that we just need to work on creating the final deliverables for our poster.