Ductus 8: Saturday

Today Ductus 8 dived into refining our concept through research and developing details. Using methods picked up from the Empathy in Design and the Essentials of Survival and the Humanitarian Charter workshops, we began doing research to paint a picture of exactly who we were helping, what they needed, and what their journey would be through the hurricane disaster. Settling into our Lifebox strategy, we began to compile a list of things that a hurricane refugee might night while rescue teams were on their way. Initially, the list was quite long, becoming a survival pack with dozens of items one might use to survive alone or with a family for an extended period without access to the regular comforts afforded in a home. However, as we began to develop more of a persona for the people we are trying to help, generating more precisely the situation they would be in, we realized that an extensive survival pack might not be the best suited to their needs. We were able to generate the image of people who were/are not able to evacuate before the storm hits, perhaps due to health issues or a lack of financial resources, waiting on the upper stories and roofs of flooded houses for help to arrive. While it may take rescue teams a long time to reach all of these people, helicopters and planes overhead would be able to drop in our Lifeboxes to help them hold on for the time being until rescue teams could reach them. With that being the case, we decided to trim down our list of supplies to the most essential and multipurpose items, such as the water filtration bottle, an SOS location-emitting device, a multitool, a mask, glowsticks, and other such things. While making notes of the average cost of all these itmes, we also explored in greater detail the design of the box itself, including designing the relevant graphic instruction images on the exterior, providing the lock and chain lock that would make the box a “safety” lock box for personal possessions, and other features to make the box functional (weatherproof/waterproof) and useful (detachable strap, bright colors for easy identification)