Ductus 5 Day 2

Day two started with different workshops to expand our knowledge on the topics of refugees and how to solve problems using design based thinking. In the workshop, “Developing the Project Brief” we learned crucial information about defining a problem, narrowing your focus, researching clients and users, establishing objectives you want to solve, and formulating a solution. This really set the stage for the rest of our day. As a group, we mapped out what exactly our project was. We created diagrams, made a business model, and wrote project narratives. This was incredibly helpful for the group. It allowed us to define what our goals were, whom exactly our project would help, and how we would help them.

Our idea from yesterday did not change, but we expanded on it. Our overall objective is to redefining the narrative surrounding refugees; we want them to be viewed as assets, rather than burdens. We have defined our solution as a Refugee Job Placement Initiative, a service that communicates directly with refugees and governments in order to place refugees that are skilled craftspeople within a country who has a demand for that craft. Since yesterday, the main achievements we made were narrowing our focus, setting up the process and logistics of our service, and beginning the narrative for our example refugees. The feedback we received was to continue on working our narrative in order to “sell” our project. Our goal for tomorrow is to finalize the narratives and design our board layout to tell the story.