Ductus 2: Saturday

Today we focused in on our concept more. As a team, we decided that to split the rest of the research that would help give us proof of concept, as well as examples of solutions to problems that are similar to the one we are facing. This is to show that what we propose on Monday is applicable and a possible solution. After our meeting with the professors/advisors we have been able to figure out exactly how we are going to focus in on our solution. We are going to be taking all the information that we gathered today, and figure out what information we need for our final board. For tomorrow, we are planning on getting our board designed, and plotted. We also plan to have our presentation ready, and we know what we are going to say. We are going to also have sketches and a CAD model (possible rendered in-context) to show an idea of what the solution could look like in the scenario we are envisioning it.